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Catch me if you can.


Traveling with a child can be daunting at times, ESPECIALLY solo travel with a child. When you have another adult with you it can take the load off a bit, but sometimes we muvas have shit to do ( like securing the bag...) From strollers and car seats that are too bulky to long ass lines and bad airport food, it's a regular nightmare. Traveling with Pharaoh has helped me a lot with packing efficiently. I was definitely that mom that started off with bringing the entire house when traveling. I had 20 blankets and bibs, muslins up the ass and so many changes of clothes AND toys it was ridiculous. I started downsizing after every trip until I had the formula that worked for me ( believe me you will find what works perfectly for you and baby.). 

Below I've got a few must-have items for you that can make traveling with a toddler much easier. I'm also sharing some tips that have helped me along the way, please feel free to share more in the comments muvas!


Tips for easy traveling with the little monsters:



  •  Try and travel around their sleeping schedule:

With Pharaoh I learned quickly that early morning flights were my savior, he wakes up peacefully so even with an early morning wake up, I would get him ready (last of course) and be out of the door as quickly as possible. He's usually too interested in what is going on at the airport to be annoyed and by the time he would probably get annoyed he's knocked out.  He's always asleep on the plane. 

  • Pack efficiently:

Try and pack your child’s items more accessibly, even in stages. Some things will be needed at check in, others on the flight, and some in your seat. To avoid constantly going back and forth sort everything based on necessity. I know I need Pharaoh's changing gear near me but not in my seat, so I have it in my carry on bag, especially if I’ve already changed him pre boarding. His snacks need to be near me ALWAYS so I have a little snack bag I keep with me and can stay in my seat without having to get up.

  • Leave earlier than you think:

Believe me extra time is needed, ANYTHING can happen with a baby. Plus giving them extra time to run around gives you more chance at peace of mind on that plane.

  • Comfortable dressing is key

A warm and comfy pair of pajamas goes a long way. That includes you too Ma.

  • Treat airline staff like royalty

When it comes to traveling it really takes a village, being a little nicer to those working can help in a big way. Ive had in flight attendants give me seats with more leg room, even save empty rows for me. I’ve been lucky enough to get away with overweight luggage ( try at your OWN RISK!) a smile goes along way.

  • bring thick skin

You WILL get eye rolls from other passengers, you WILL get those sighs of relief when you pass their row. That’s life, let’s be honest no-one likes a whining baby (even you).

  • get through security quicker

Some airports have lanes for families, be sure to ask before making a long queue.  Developing countries LOVE babies and pregnant ladies, abuse that shit. I got through lines quickly in Cuba with staff even willing to hold Pharaoh for me.

  • Board last

Don’t rush to board early, less time on the plane equals less frustration for you and your child. Stay behind even if they offer you first dibs. Sometimes I send Pharaoh’s dad ahead with our carry on and play with him until the last minute.


In spite of it all traveling with my little one is definitely an adventure I wouldn't trade. He meets new people and gets to experience things that I can't just tell him about. Even if international travel isn't in the books any time soon for you get on the road and discover your city, for the children and for the culture! I'm also interested in hearing your tips ladies, and if any of you know about teleportation devices do share!