Honest Stories From Mothers Around The World


Conflicted African

The toughest thing for me to reconcile with as an African mother,  is the fact that I know there are people in my immediate family back home who aren't afforded many of the luxuries we are abroad. This is not to say that Africans on the continent aren't enjoying the very luxuries we have in the diaspora. I merely mean they are just that, LUXURIES. 

I'm at times plagued with guilt when shopping for gadgets that will seemingly simplify my " mom duties" but in reality, I can live without them.  This makes it a little difficult when I shop (outside of clothes, baby clothes are too f*cking cute!). Honestly speaking , it has simplified my life in many ways. I have definitely shifted gears in my mothering style... In the beginning, Pharaoh was my little egg, now pshhh... To think there were things I couldn't go a day without using! Nowadays I'm less uptight and before I panic over the next gadget that comes out I think about my cousin in Zimbabwe with 3 beautiful and intelligent daughters (all toilet trained by 2 might I add) thriving with much, MUCH less than I.

It's not to say we can't indulge, I definitely own a lot of superfluous items, take my stroller for example. I just offer this to say sometimes we over think things. We forget we live in a consumerist society that forces us to feel the NEED to buy the next best thing for our babies. I think about certain items I wanted and felt I needed at the time, some I never got around to getting and I can't believe how much I thought I NEEDED those things. Pharaoh is perfectly fine without them and some items I have are still in their boxes. 

As a conscious parent or as a parent who hopes to be more conscious, I think about my impact on the world. As a parent my impact is doubled, I'm moulding a human -being  with what I believe is best. Empathy is very important and although I want to fit my kid with the latest, I have to understand everything I do,  he sees. I want him to know how to survive with less, to appreciate the luxuries but not depend on them. 

So before you buy that baby sleeping gadget ask yourself if you're really going to use it, how much is it REALLY gonna help you. So many gimmicks, not enough money to spend... I wanna hear what items you guys have that you never used, be honest muvas!