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Momma's Gotta Get it in too


HOW zeinabou got her groove back...

Or not...

Ok so let's pretend it's 2018 and we now know women like sex too, because quite frankly I am a sexual being and damn well need it many a day.  But we can't ignore the fact that there is now a tiny human alarm that seems to go off every time your loins get all moist. I'm talking about that tiny enemy of progress that seems to forget how he got here in the first place, my ray of sun. 

Every parent out there can tell you how babies are technically a form of natural birth control because every time you try and sit on your man... WAAAAAAAHHHH! So how do you get past the constant interruptions? Not including fears of baby walking in on you (which has happened A LOT... ***Kanye shrug***). You basically gotta get it in wherever and whenever you can... closets, showers, kitchen, car (don't you dare judge me dammit, it was fucking date night!) public bathrooms (ok, you maybe you can judge a little... but it was really REALLY clean lol). If you watched my last video on my first time having sex after a baby those last two would make a lot more sense... 

The downside to breastfeeding ( in the beginning at least) I found myself less "lubricated", between fatigue from round the clock nursing, hormones (my great ability to over think as well) etc it was hard at first to get into a good sexual rhythm with my partner. I gotta be honest sometimes with a baby, ain't nobody got time for the romance and foreplay (well me at least) and you just want a quickie, but how can that happen if your lady parts are as dry as the damn Sahara?

I decided to start looking into natural lubes and doing different things to calm myself down from the overthinking (breathing helps). Fortunately, I'm very close with my mother and she is very well versed in sexual healing and women's womb wellness etc. Not only that but being able to tell her that I needed to rub one out so she can watch the baby helped. It is hard out here muvas, but what isn't if it's worth it?

Below are some lubes and condoms I love and as always sharing is caring muvas so share yours in the comments!