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Date Night

I am never opposed to dressing sexy for dinner with my little family, truth be told it gives daddy extra motivation to make sure baby is asleep by the time we reach home! It's so funny how things change after having a child. We really have to work harder to keep our love life going even when the love and attraction is still there. 

Although I'm still trying to get the hang of it, we've managed to learn how to sneak quickies in or schedule time for mommy and daddy. Since we are rarely apart I always try to keep the interest even when baby is around. We still act like honeymooning love birds and when push comes to shove, trying to adhere to a schedule helps.

What are some things you moms do to keep the flame burning after baby? Share some tips below and in the meantime check out what I wore for date night.

Mommy: Trousers// KAI  + Top// ZEINABOU + Purse// Vintage + Shoes// Brian Atwood 

Baby: Shoes// VANS + Trousers// ZARA + Shirt// ZARA