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International travel is already a hassle without a child, so imagine how it is with one! That's not to say one should not travel with their children ( It's important for the kids to see this big beautiful world). Outside of finances traveling can be made even more difficult when you add flight time and easily bored little human beings. Don't be discouraged however as nowadays technology has really aided in making travel less of a task. From sites that showcase sales year round and sites like AIRBNB or INNCLUSIVE. There really is not much of an excuse not to give the kiddies a chance to explore different foods and cultures! Traveling with Pharaoh has been so much fun already. I honestly feel like I'm preparing myself for when he actually is able to TRULY enjoy other cultures, food, and children. Below I'm sharing some tips and lessons I've learned, for international travel that can surely put you at ease. As always muvas sharing is caring so do so in the comments!




  • jet lag is real

Please consider this when choosing how long your holiday is. Don't try and take a trip that takes 12 hours travel time to a different time zone for 3 days... HONESTLY, what's the point? Want an Island getaway? Consider countries around you, Don't fly to Thailand with 3 layovers and expect happy campers.

  • distraction is the name of the game

SNACKS! TOYS! GAMES! Anything that buys you extra time bring it (granted it's not huge). 

  • know your crowd

As a parent, you know your child(ren) so don't plan a hiking trip if your child doesn't like walking. There are so many activities and events that happen locally, follow the local families. 

  •  necessary comforts of home

Stick to bottled water (even for teeth brushing), bring formula, familiar snacks from home and good hand sanitizing should eliminate most risks of stomach troubles ( also oregano oil for minor tummy troubles, is life itself). NEVER leave without diapers or wipes, they will be more expensive overseas and depending on your preference they may not be readily available (if at all).

  • ACCESS granted

The US Passport Agency is quite awesome.  They are very helpful and informative. Check visa liniency for prospective vacation spots and safety info like embassy locations etc... 

  • Be adamant

Even if it feels like nagging, call ahead of time maybe even twice (or MORE!) to make sure your bulkhead seat and basinet are confirmed on your international flights.  Don't feel bad about inisting on extra confirmation. NOONE  wants to hold a baby for 10 hours or more. International flights charge about 10% the cost of your ticket for your infant so do not feel guilty about ensuring you get what you paid for.

  • you get a visa, she get's a visa, we all get a visa!

Babies do need their own visas in most countries ( definitely check your passport qualifications, British and American visas as those passports have a lot of visa free perks) . 


When travelling solo with child you will more often than not, need a letter from the other parent allowing you to travel.  Stay ahead of it by just travelling with a notarized letter as some countries even require you to go the extra length.

  • Travel light

It's still possible just never leave home without the comforts and always pack more diapers than you think you will need.  Don’t ever try and leave out the safety and convenience items like your stroller and carseat.

  • watch the kids

Good childcare is readily available especially if you are staying at higher end hotels ( make sure you work with someone vetted by the hotel or a childcare company).

Travel is meant to be fun, go out explore even if its in your country. I love to see how local interact with Pharaoh and for him to get to see how beautfiul and diverse the world is. Share any other tips you have below!