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Juicy Fruit

  Never put anything inside of you that isn't especially made for your Eartha Kitty.

Never put anything inside of you that isn't especially made for your Eartha Kitty.


Ahhh pussy, the world's ultimate driving force. EVER Life giving and heaven proving. Some have it, a lot WISH they could. It’s a beautiful thing for those that get to see it, feel it,  even lucky enough to taste it ( Hush you prudes).... One thing we can all agree on though…. Is no one wants a smelly pussy. A lot of people associate smelly genitals with lack of hygiene but there are so many more factors in keeping your self smelling like a virgin on a spring day ( Oh pre pubecent hormones return to me!).

It's embarrassing to talk about, I get it, but it's common. Our vaginas are just as testy and moody as we are and sometimes the smallest thing can cause you to start smelling a little. Poor hygiene is definitely the biggest factor in smelling good down there but a lot of little details get missed. Sexual intercourse (even with the same partner), diet, hormones can all affect how your lady parts will fare and listening to your body helps a lot. 

I felt a little self-conscious after giving birth and felt like I wasn't as fresh as I normally am. Your immunity is lowered during pregnacy ( as well as just before and after your period) so any infection can occur easier than normal. l decided to try different cleaning regimes and products just trying to figure out why things had changed. I went the old school route, my momma always insisted on airing your kitty out every day (which can be hard with a curious child, lol) as well as diet change (slowly eliminating my sugar intake). Check out some tips that helped me along with some products I love.



If it ain't specifically made for your vagina, it ain't for your vagina (even then I'd still be skeptical). 


kombucha, yogurt, however, you can get these healthy bacteria into you do it.  Fermented foods promote the production of healthy bacteria.


Soak in it adding one to two cups of apple cider vinegar in your bath water for about 15 to 20 minutes apx 3-6 times a week.


She needs fresh air trust me. Don't wear tight pants all the time either you hoochies.


I love juice, It hurts to let it go but a juicy pussy is waaay better. 


Check out some products I've tried, and some I would like to try. Have you guys had issues with odor what are ways you fought it? Sharing is caring muvas!