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Birthday Babe



There's no more rain in this cloud...

This year I spent my birthday in the US, outside of my normal need to escape the States. I decided to just work on the many projects I have because I knew I wouldn't enjoy my time off. For the first time in a long time, I just wanted to work on my passions without a fear. This was definitely a step in the right direction.  We spent the weekend in Chicago at one of my favorite hotels ( I promise to include travel info and reviews in future travel posts!) the W and ate at one of my favorite Ethiopian restaurants in the city for lunch opting for Greek in the evening. 

Since launching my site I've enjoyed interacting with you all through INSTAGRAM and here. I have so much in store and feel so good about sharing and opening my true self up to you all. In the meantime check out my daring ass Bday dress and my dapper Sun! 

As a new mother who enjoys buying clothes for her child and has a lot on her plate, my finances are stretched a bit thin so it's hella important for me to make sure every penny I spend counts. I don't follow trends so it doesn't bother me to purchase out of season items on eBay for way less especially if it's my favorite designer... I LOVE Esteban Cortazar so until I can afford to purchase off the runway eBay is my best friend. I buy brand new items from stylists, buyers etc don't sleep on eBay!

MOMMY: Dress - Esteban Cortazar via eBay + Shoes -  Saint Laurent 

BABY:  Suit - ZARA + Turtleneck - HM + Boots - Dr Martens