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Milk Maid

If you know me personally or follow me on INSTAGRAM then you definitely know the rants I can get into about the benefits of breastfeeding and how it is not very well represented, especially in the African community. I have to be honest though...With every good there will always be the bad side no?  I wanna share the downside of breastfeeding but please understand I am PRO breastfeeding and am sharing this in JEST and the need to vent lol. 

I have been breastfeeding for about 21 months now (no pumping whatsoever), and wanted to pass the 2 year mark before I started weaning. I will explain my reasons another time but for now check out my list of things I hate about breastfeeding. 


ten things i hate about breastfeeding



I HATE when I hear people say if it hurts you’re doing it wrong” then I guess 99.9% of the female population is doing it wrong. Because everyone I’ve spoken to said it hurt in the beginning. It also gives expecting and new mothers the false impression that if it keeps hurting they should stop and give up. It hurt like hell in the beginning but after baby and I learned each other it did get WAY better.


YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR BODY!! I remember towards the end of my pregnancy I was so over it and was so anxious to have control of my body… SIKE!!! That is wrong. You are property of your child until you are done breastfeeding (but honestly that’s a fucking blip in time).


The side eyes or awkward stares. It’s not enough that my baby is out here claiming rights to my body now everyone stares like I choose when its booby time.

  • Function over Fashion

That sexy backless dress you want to wear? Yeah no babe, that shit ain’t gonna fly, and if your’e shy strapless tops ain’t it either. Having to limit what I wore in the beginning totally sucked, If it wasn’t "breastfeeding" or "leaky boob" friendly I couldn’t wear it!  Now that Pharaoh eat’s solids I can have a bit more leeway with the fashions.

  • Watch what you eat

I'm pretty sure I also lost weight because of how I was eating. Don’t get me wrong I am a junk food binger lol but when I noticed how my child’s urine or NO. 2 would change based on my diet I knew I had to be a bit more responsible ( I still have my days though!)


I thought the insatiable hunger would end after birth but breastfeeding brings on a new ravaging hunger lol AND thirst!

  • everyone’s an expert

“When do you plan on weaning?” “You should add other milks into his diet” “ he is too big for just your milk alone” … like please already, SHUT UP!


Yeah those jugs are sexy alright… but they’re heavy and uncomfortable AF. In the beginning while your breasts are regulating themselves ( based on how much your child feeds) they will blow up and it is not pleasant.

  • growth spurts

It happens every 1-2 months that baby needs some extra fuel!  And cluster feeding basically is the reason why your breastfeeding homegirl is not coming out for brunch on sunday. 


From nursing gymnastics to nipple twiddling you are basically a play ground and your breasts the proverbial water fountain. When your child gets older they start moving a lot more, with no regard for your body parts lol. I’ve had Pharaoh nursing upside down to him trying to walk off with my breast in his mouth! My final frustration is his new development of nipple fluttering, which of course is comforting and functional for him ( helps with more let down) I’m not feeling it. 

another one for good measure…


  • life’s unfair

So you got some extra pimples during your pregnancy and cant wait to go to your dermatologist for your post baby glow up, forget about it. So it’s been a million years since you had martinis with your girls or been hungover from a mimosa binge….. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

With that said I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world, I’m counting down the damn days though.

Remember your motherhood isn’t determined by whether or not you breastfeed your child, the decision is ultimately yours. If you choose to breastfeed think of the benefits and understand it is a sacrifice. 

Do share in the comments below your breastfeeding frustrations! Let us partake in a universal VENT!




Breast friends for life.


Oh the life of a milk maiden.