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Suited and Booted



like no other....

As a Miami resident for most of my life, anything lower than 70 degrees was just disrespectful to the soul. Living in the midwest this past year has really changed my tolerance for the cold. We took a quick jaunt to Chicago for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and let's just say I took great advantage of the sun coming out. 

Needless to say, I will be serving heaux looks year round when I move back to Miami lol. Check out my fun outfit below. Funny story, I told the BF that I was looking for this top and called it a "midriff",  if that isn't the mommiest word in the world... I don't know what the hell is... We gettin' old y'all!!

MOMMY : Boots - ZARA via Ebay + Suit - MANGO + Cropped top - The Klabel

BABY : Boots - Dr Martens + Jeans - HM + Jacket- ZARA + Sweater - HM + Scarf - ZARA