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Never bite the boob that feeds you...

I always tell people that when I was pregnant I feared breastfeeding more than giving birth. See labor, lasts for a much shorter (albeit painful) time. Breastfeeding is fucking hard long week or two of pain, learning, etc. Believe me, I know ladies and I'm not here to sugar coat shit... It is a SACRIFICE a very important one nonetheless... I know a few of you mamas contacted me on Instagram asking about biting and breastfeeding. I am very grateful to say I haven't had many biting issues (I'm not gonna lie the first one caught me off guard and I did screech a little... ok fine a lot).  Your baby biting you honestly shouldn't be the reason you wean, there are so many ways to resolve it before resorting to weaning. 

Below I am sharing some common causes for baby biting and some great tips along with products any breastfeeding mother can use. As always share! share! share!



Whether baby is biting or not, a little soothing goes a long way. Check out some great products below to help sooth those breasts.