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The proverbial "birthday suit"... We've all got one, but somehow some people are offended by it more than others. If you don't know what I'm referring to, I'm talking about your naked body. Your true and purest form, a state of being that causes discomfort among many. I get more remarks about my child's nudity from people of color as noticed on my INSTAGRAM, and accounts who that repost my images. I am never offended by the comments rather intrigued by why a child's nakedness can be so offensive to others? 

Before having a child I only ever worried about a child's nudity when I thought of predators, let's be honest the world is full of shitty people. After having my Sun, I see how he enjoys his nudity especially now that he knows how to take his diaper off ( Likely signs of a need to start potty training? lol). Pharaoh know's when it's time to wear clothes because the minute I say to him "park" or " outside" he is pulling a fresh diaper to wear. That fear of him not being able to discern when nudity is appropriate seems to no longer be an issue. So, why is it so offensive to others that a child is naked? 

Are we not able to be naked around our children? Especially at an age where they are not sexually aware, why do we feel the need to start sexualizing our body parts as if they aren't also tools we use in our every day lives? I saw a cute little video on YOUTUBE and the comments on facebook where hilarious. I'm not gonna lie I don't think I will be walking around naked when my child is old enough to understand (My mother did and it annoyed the shit out of me), but I don't think hiding from our children is necessary at such an early stage... What say you? Are you naked around the house with your children? How do you feel about nudity around the house? Share your thoughts below.