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TULUM: A family trip guide


When planning the birthday trip I knew I wanted something private and secluded and we found just that in Tulum.  Family trips although a lot of work are very rewarding especially for your children's memories. I also believe family trips can still be sexy (I'm all for looking like a shnack for both my guys, lol) Below I'm sharing my trip along with some great family friendly recommendations, especially if you love to travel a little off the beaten path. I hope it can help you guys!

We arrived in Cancun just after 10:30 am because we anticipated the nearly 2-hour ride and any other possible delays. Having booked the transportation to our accommodation  along with our booking we resorted to renting taxis ( something we both agree wasn't as efficient as we'd hoped and would've opted to rent a car instead.)We arrived at our villa around 2 pm and were fortunate to have immediate access. Without sounding stereotypical, as an African who considers herself adventurous I love renting homes on Airbnb or Innclusive rather than a hotel. My partner and I really enjoy venturing off to dingy restaurants with amazing food and wifi lol.  We thoroughly love exploring and usually rent a private home when we are overseas (you usually get more bang for your buck too).

Upon arriving we were enchanted by the pool and all the effort we took to bring pool floaties was worth it, especially for Pharaoh. We set our bags down, put on our nearest outfit and took to the streets for food. While waiting for our taxi we looked up some spots online and ended up at Los Aguachilles ( funnily enough we ate at the PDC location during our previous trip). I had an amazing fried shrimp taco or two and we shared the grilled octopus while Pharaoh had rice, beans and avocado (another reason I love Mexico is for the diversity in food, ANYONE with any diet can enjoy themself).

If you're following me on Instagram then you know we recently celebrated my SUN and his father's birthday in Tulum, Mexico. We first fell in love with Mexico when we visited for my birthday when I was 6 months pregnant with Pharaoh. We originally stayed in Playa Del Carmen ( halfway between Tulum and the Cancun airport). At the behest of my dear friend we spent the last day in Tulum and knew we HAD to return for a longer trip.

Tulum is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a quiet vacation. Enjoy a stroll of the senses with streets lined with local delicacies and the backdrop of a “small town” aesthetic.
Be sure to pack all the goodies you need to ensure you and your partner have fun when the baby is resting. Take advantage of that vacation lovin’.

We spent most of our time at our villa and ate out every day except the day we had a little family party. Tulum is a blogger's heaven let's be honest. They've received an upsurge in tourist traffic in search of that "eco-chic" vibe.  


I absolutely love traveling with my guys, but I can totally understand how family travel can seem unromantic. It is important to make an effort in that department. I decided to bring some extra accouterments to ensure the big birthday boy was well taken care of as well. I wrote an amazing article on great accessories for sexy time, check out here.

Save for our last day ( Pharaoh and I had food poisoning), we enjoyed every single place we ate at check out some drool tidbits below and let me know which spot you check out!


where to eat

los aguachilles

This place is great for a quick bite with authentic flavors, especially on the first day when you're tired but want some good food. Try the grilled octopus and fried shrimp tacos, there are a few vegan options but keep in mind it is a seafood restaurant.


We really enjoyed a light late lunch at this restaurant hotel over looking the water, the Thai fusion menu was great and the cocktails were two for one during happy hour. I tried the fried shrimp dumplings and baby father had chicken wontons that he loved. Go for the food and stay for the drinks, view and service.

Pizzeria Manglar

The best four cheese pizza I have had in a minute, we got plain vegan pasta with mushrooms and spaghetti sauce for baby boy (off menu, just ask!), baby father isn't much of a pasta guy but he thoroughly enjoyed his dish. PS. bring mosquito repellant and the drinks are STRONG.


This is an amazing boutique hotel nestled in a typical Mexican neighborhood. Made into a peaceful oasis with great local fare and quaint pool views. We had amazing grilled octopus, delicious cocktails and Pharaoh enjoyed his mango passion smoothie.

Encanto Cantina

We went for dinner to celebrate Pharaoh but the service left a lot to be desired. I didn't get to enjoy the food as I was so disappointed but my  partner enjoyed his chicken tacos. Before leaving we expressed our frustrations, our food was discounted and we were given a formal apology ( definitely a good reason to return).

Papaya Playa Project

This place is absolutely magical, we had hoped to spend the day there in a cabana but the weather was atrocious. We ate overlooking the choppy ocean and two brave souls kite surfing. The service was terrible, however, outside of being greeted marvelously and escorted into the restaurant (the manager even helped me carry the stroller to our desired seating). I didn't enjoy the food either but would give it another chance.

Palma Central

Perfect for the family this open lot has several food trucks and an amazing children's play area, oh and WIFI too. We tried a few things from almost every stall. Go when the sun is just going down for the kids to enjoy, the cocktails are great too!


This was a cute little beach bar with great service, perfect sunset views and they had iguanas on the property that you could feed habanero peppers! Again grilled octopus was amazing and they had great side options for Pharaoh.



  • us citizens and green card holders do not require a visa when entering the country. confirm with your respective embassy of your requirements.

  • renting a car is my recommendation if you plan on living a little more off the grid (taxis take a while and are'nt easily accesible when walking).

  • public transportation is reliable the ado bus service can take you throughut mexico should you prefer not to rent a car.

  • night time is when the world comes to life! Be sure to try the local restarants, they are usually booming with locals and tourists looking for a less "touristy" vibe.

  • if you dont travel with children try and go to one of the cenotes ( caves filled with fresh water) and go for an enchanting swim.

  • english is scarce but most tourist stores and restaurants have an english speaker. 

  • always ask for WIFI they usually have it, even the quaintest spots!

  • dont be afraid to explore your area by foot, during sundown there is more foot traffic and some of the taquerias open only at night, you never know what you may find, of course always be vigilant of your belongings and self ( as you would anywhere else).

  • tulum is bikeriding central at about $15 a day you can rent a bike to explore the town, they also have childseats!

places to go

this place is to die for ( considering few have actually fallen to their deaths, in search of the perfect selfie). beautiful lush views & coastal landscape. This national park features Mayan ruins.

my main reason for a solo trip is for this gem right here. An underground water paradise in the Riviera Maya, magical, mystical and extreme. you can snorkel or dive in the cavern.

We saw this place on our last day, definitely a cute little spot for all the frida lovers out there.

this is on our next trip list, a gorgeous old town with amazing restaurants (girls trip anyone?!)

final thoughts

Mexico offers a dream vacay for anyone. from an all girls trip with a day at the adults only mi amor hotel for happy hour and a gorgeous ocean view. to bike riding with the kids or your hubby through LOCAL NEIGHBORHOODS IN SEARCH OF THE NEXT BOMB HIDDEN TACO SPOT. MEXICO IS JAM PACKED WITH PLACES TO ENJOY, JUST KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!